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Product Design Consultancy

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs

Never has a truer word been spoken than in 2007 with the launch of the new iPhone.

And just like Steve, we want to create exceptional product designs that delight users and drive business success!

We understand that embarking on a new product design journey can be daunting. You may have a game-changing idea but aren’t quite sure how to bring it to life. Perhaps you’re a small or mid-sized business lacking the resources or in-house expertise to turn your vision into a reality. We get it, and we’re here to help.

At 4D Products, we specialise in transforming your ideas into beautifully crafted, user-centric products. Our team of seasoned product design professionals offers a wealth of experience in understanding and meeting the needs and wants of your customers. We believe that the experience a user has with a product should be at the heart of every design.

Which is why the designs we produce aren’t just functional and aesthetically appealing, they’re also tailored to create a seamless and enjoyable user experience too.

Our Commitment to Your Success

As an award-winning product design consultancy, we’re passionate about turning your product design challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth. No matter your situation, we’re committed to providing a comprehensive, friendly, and seamless consultancy service that guides you every step of the way.

Let’s make great products together.

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Embracing Compliance and Sustainability in Innovative Product Design

We know that navigating the labyrinth of regulatory compliance can be a tough task. But fret not! Our team is well-versed with the nuances of different industry regulations. We’re committed to creating designs that not only comply with these rules but also uphold your brand’s reputation for quality and reliability.

In a world that’s increasingly conscious about its environmental impact, we understand the importance of sustainability in product design. We strive to incorporate environmentally friendly practices and materials into our designs, ensuring that your product is not only good for your customers, but also for our planet.

Case Studies

KB Pro Glider banner

The KB Pro Glider – KB Pro

001_Render File_300124_Camera_Camera 4

Retractable Barrier System – Skipper

Vulcan Espresso Machine – Fracino

Fuel Monitoring System Handle Accessory – Fueltek

Fuel Monitoring System – Fueltek

Smart Kitchen Scale

Smart Kitchen Scale – Nutrioscale

Product Design Consultancy

Crafting User-Centric Designs with a Personalised Touch

Exceeding client needs and expectations is always ultimate priority and we’re dedicated to making that happen with the most innovative and cost-effective solutions.

We’re committed to the essentials of a consultancy service, which are to make sure you work collaboratively and ensure who you work with is fully engaged with all aspects of the design and development process.

Our word is our bond, which is why we have worked with some of the biggest multi-national organisations, including Siemens, Sony and Arm.

We’ll help you achieve your ambition.


Through targeted research, we will gain a thorough understanding of the factors that will deliver success for your project and your business.


Using idea generation techniques and our conceptual design skills, we will create a range of innovative designs for your consideration.


With a clear vision agreed, we will develop detailed 3D CAD models and supply high quality prototypes.


Utilising our in depth knowledge of manufacturing suppliers and processes, we will take your new design forward into manufacture, bringing new opportunities for your business.

Your Trusted Partner for Repeated Design Success

At 4D, we're not just a product design consultancy; we're your strategic partners in innovation. Our approach is to foster long-term partnerships with companies and individuals, collaborating to design fantastic products time and again.

Leveraging our 25 years of rich experience, our creative designers adeptly navigate the intricacies of the product design process. We know it's not just about understanding these complexities, but also about crafting and building these designs into something tangible and extraordinary.

Meet Our Amazing Product Designers

“4D meshed seamlessly with our in house development engineers to deliver the project on time and within budget.”

The camera design that 4D Products came up with met all our requirements and more. They have helped us stay ahead of our competitors as we have been able to save 50% on enclosure manufacturing costs

Ian RamsdaleWireless CCTV

The fast turnaround and success of this project has now moved on to Invertek working with 4D on three new projects

Glyn JonesTechnical Director, Invertek

Working with 4D Products has been a pleasure from the outset. They were exceptional when it came to understanding our needs and getting to know our market...

Paul ScurrellTimecode Buddy’s founder and Director

How we work

Our creative Product Designers support the whole development process from idea right through to manufactured product.

Step 1

Get in touch with 4D and explain your requirements. We usually sign a Non Disclosure Agreement at this time.

Step 2

We’ll understand your requirements, write up a proposal which outlines the design process, costs and timeframes needed.

Step 3

We work very hard to deliver work that exceeds your expectations and delivers value to your business.

Step 4

Any Intellectual Property generated by 4D Products is owned by you.

We offer a staged approach to the development process, so you remain in control of your budget.

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