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3D CAD Design

A critical part of any full product development project, 3D CAD data is the driving force behind rapid prototyping, design simulation, and today’s fast track manufacturing techniques.

Reliable and flawless CAD mock-ups and drawings are difficult acquire, but at 4D Products our highly skilled 3D CAD designers are experienced in bringing new products to market fast.

Tailored Design Breeds Success

Every sector and every project will have their own individual demands, processes they need to follow and standards that need to be met. The modelling of a fitness machine for example, is completely different to the drawing of a mechanical engineering part, which is why the production of a drawing will and has to differ depending on the industry.

For you your new product development project to be successful, it’s vital that you have an agency that understands the differences within 3D CAD services so that the correct standards and process can be tailored to the right industries.

Turning your idea into virtual reality

With an exceptional ability to integrate a client’s concept into a 3D CAD design, we’ll also present meaningful and substantial innovative support from the prototyping and testing stages, right through to the final product itself.

That’s why our CAD models are built so that if any elements of the product changes during the subsequent steps, they can be easily revised with little effort. Designing for manufacturing efficiencies will ensure the project doesn’t take longer than it needs to, saving you not only time, but also removing any excess expenditures.

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Case Studies

KB Pro Glider banner

The KB Pro Glider – KB Pro

001_Render File_300124_Camera_Camera 4

Retractable Barrier System – Skipper

Vulcan Espresso Machine – Fracino

Fuel Monitoring System Handle Accessory – Fueltek

Fuel Monitoring System – Fueltek

Smart Kitchen Scale

Smart Kitchen Scale – Nutrioscale

3D CAD Design

Our design team use Solidworks. It is an industry standard package for a wide range of product sectors. We are constantly assessing and testing additional software solutions to make sure we can offer the most accurate, cost effective service possible.

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As this is a CAD specific project, we will move straight into the CAD modelling process once the design brief is agreed.


We will present regular review documents so you are fully informed and can provide feedback as required.


Our output may be 3D CAD data, or we can supply physical prototypes. The choice is yours!

Providing 3D CAD Design Since 2008

Meet the team

“4D meshed seamlessly with our in house development engineers to deliver the project on time and within budget.”

The camera design that 4D Products came up with met all our requirements and more. They have helped us stay ahead of our competitors as we have been able to save 50% on enclosure manufacturing costs

Ian RamsdaleWireless CCTV

The fast turnaround and success of this project has now moved on to Invertek working with 4D on three new projects

Glyn JonesTechnical Director, Invertek

Working with 4D Products has been a pleasure from the outset. They were exceptional when it came to understanding our needs and getting to know our market...

Paul ScurrellTimecode Buddy’s founder and Director

How we work

We support the whole development process, from idea right through to manufactured product.

Step 1

Get in touch with 4D and explain your requirements. We usually sign a Non Disclosure Agreement at this time.

Step 2

We’ll understand your requirements, write up a proposal which outlines the design process, costs and timeframes needed.

Step 3

We work very hard to deliver work that exceeds your expectations and delivers value to your business.

Step 4

Any Intellectual Property generated by 4D Products is owned by you.

You can commission us to deliver one stage at a time, so you remain In Control of your budget.

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