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Medical Device & Product Design

The healthcare and scientific industry come across complex challenges every day. It’s the consequence of an ever-changing system. Whether it be procedures, medicine or medical equipment, there will always be an advancement to improve the quality of life or understanding of it.


This is why innovation is such an integral part to designing medical products, as what is to be created needs to increase the benefits and overall effectiveness to what is already available.

Helping to shape the world

When creating new medical devices, you’re not just producing something for the person with the idea, your helping the person on the other end of the product. The consumer, the patient, the research lab. For so many possibilities, you need to make sure your working with a partner that is flexible and able to design something to enhance the field, supporting your ideas to accelerate the development of your medical products.

As well as helping to light the way for medical technology, the experienced team here at 4D Products can help you to deliver a full medical device design project, from the concept to the finished article. Our number one priority with any product design and development venture is ensure the process is as thorough and streamlined as possible, so that risks are reduced, and the output is as cost effective as possible.

Together, We'll Help Bring Your Medical Device to Market Faster

Change is constantly happening through the medical device industry, as value-based healthcare and the advancements in digital products extend from niches to the mainstream. It’s an exciting, but challenging time. However, it offers real opportunity for those ambitious innovators and companies that are prepared to reinvent themselves.

4D Products have worked with many market leading diagnostics companies, biotech start-ups, and university spinouts, to develop pioneering new laboratory and medical devices.

Whether we’re designing new products or improving existing devices, our specialist and multi-disciplinary team will blend innovative ideas with thoroughly researched human factors to obtain a deep understanding of how it will be used, the environment it will be used in and the benefits to the end user. This is especially important with medical devices, as they continue to evolve, as well as looking and acting more like consumer products.

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Case Studies

Medical Product Development – Medisyne

protein stable - white

Medical Device Design – Protein Stable


Medical Device Design – Rapid ECG

Laboratory Equipment Design – UriPlus

Product Design – Anti-Aging System

Point of Care Device Design

Design services to bridge the gap

Professionals in the healthcare sector have developed a growing expectation for better usability, as more patients and lay caregivers can now administer their own treatments. 4D look to bridge the gap between consumer and medical industries throughout every phase of the design and development process so that new medical products are more usable than they ever have been.

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We will work closely with your in house team, so we know exactly what is required technically and by your end customers.


Using idea generation techniques and our conceptual design skills, we will create a range of innovative designs for your consideration.


Following a well documented iterative process, we will develop fully detailed 3D CAD models and engineering drawings. We can then supply high quality prototypes from our quality approved supply chain.


When the design has been tested and approved, we will work with you to agree the best way to move into manufacture. We can manage the supply of components or assembled products, or issue the design data to you if that is your preference.

Designing New Medical Devices Since 2008

Meet the team

“4D meshed seamlessly with our in house development engineers to deliver the project on time and within budget.”

The camera design that 4D Products came up with met all our requirements and more. They have helped us stay ahead of our competitors as we have been able to save 50% on enclosure manufacturing costs

Ian RamsdaleWireless CCTV

The fast turnaround and success of this project has now moved on to Invertek working with 4D on three new projects

Glyn JonesTechnical Director, Invertek

Working with 4D Products has been a pleasure from the outset. They were exceptional when it came to understanding our needs and getting to know our market...

Paul ScurrellTimecode Buddy’s founder and Director

How we work

Our creative Product Designers support the whole development process from idea right through to manufactured product.

Step 1

Get in touch with 4D and explain your requirements. We usually sign a Non Disclosure Agreement at this time.

Step 2

We’ll understand your requirements, write up a proposal which outlines the design process, costs and timeframes needed.

Step 3

We work very hard to deliver work that exceeds your expectations and delivers value to your business.

Step 4

Any Intellectual Property generated by 4D Products is owned by you.

You can commission us to deliver one stage at a time, so you remain In Control of your budget.

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