The Coronavirus pandemic has altered the way many industries operate and changed the way we live our lives. The fitness and sports world has been one of the most affected by the pandemic, as gyms were ordered to close their doors and sports team had to cease training and competing. Lockdown left everyone with no choice but to change the way they work out, and fitness providers were forced to adapt to changing demands. While some businesses in the fitness industry have struggled with substantial financial losses and a considerable dip in customers, others have taken the opportunity to revolutionise their offering.

Here at 4D Products, we have been working on a lot of fitness products in recent months as businesses look for new and innovative ways to provide for their clients at home. The lockdowns have forced the world to become more creative, and people have envisioned brand new products to make at home fitness easier and more convenient than ever before. As restrictions are beginning to lift in the UK and beyond, we have to wonder if lockdown has revolutionised the sports and fitness world for good?

The Rise of Digital Fitness

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 has changed the way the world exercises. Gyms have been closed or operating with restrictions and reduced capacities in place, and at the same time, there has been an increased focus and pressure on staying fit and healthy. Digital fitness has become the norm during the last 12 months, including apps, online streaming and on-demand fitness programmes. Personal trainers have taken to the internet to offer their services remotely, and gyms have been providing their members with fitness classes over video. Digital experiences such as Peloton saw their revenue rise 172% in the last year, as people turn to at-home fitness products instead of their usual gyms and training.

(Although, despite this increase, you’d be surprised to know that for such a well-known brand, their design does have its faults. Our MD and product design expert Iain McCall recently shared his views with online tech magazine Wired. Check it out here.)

Now that things are beginning to ease and return to some form of normality, it is expected that digital fitness will continue to boom. People have discovered the convenience, ease, and effectiveness of working out at home, especially when they have the right equipment and support in place. Major gyms are offering their own fitness apps for members to use at home, and fitness brands are continuing to produce and distribute on-demand fitness content.

Home Fitness Equipment Is the New Gym Membership

Back in 2019, most homes didn’t feature much by way of fitness equipment, and most people got their workouts in at the gym. As soon as fitness centres had to shut their doors in March 2020, there was a massive rise in sales of at-home equipment. Dumbbells, kettlebells, and even skipping ropes saw a national shortage, and suppliers of fitness products experienced a huge demand for stock. With thousands of people investing in this equipment, they will likely continue to work out at home even after the pandemic is behind us.

The vast demand for at-home fitness equipment has resulted in new and innovative products being created. Not so long ago, 4D designed the Wavex FitDeck, a multi-functional, portable and lightweight piece of fitness equipment. A type of microgym that allows individuals to do a full-body workout with just one simple piece of equipment. Products like the Wavex FitDeck have been hugely popular during lockdown because they provide people with everything they need to keep up their fitness without substantial gym equipment.

It certainly isn’t the case that gyms will become redundant after the pandemic. Instead, many gyms are focusing on new and specialist equipment to offer their clients something unique. We recently designed the A-Trainer, a new type of cardio equipment focusing on the upper body. Our team developed this equipment to increase both cardio fitness and upper body strength, something which many other fitness machines fail to achieve. As gyms reopen their doors, they will be looking to these kinds of innovative equipment ideas to offer something worthwhile for their customers.

Unequivocal experience in the sector and creativity to match!

The world of fitness and sport has undoubtedly had to adapt over the last year, and it is safe to say that many companies have been forced to revolutionise the way they operate. Here at 4D Products, we are experts in designing and developing sports and fitness products for all applications.

Our Senior Product Designer, Adam, studied sports product design and has worked on products for Speedo, Adidas, Arena and Zoggs during his career. Adam is on hand to help with your sports product design requirements, and we are always ready to welcome a new challenge.