Product Design – A-Trainer

The Background

Our client had previously patented an idea for a completely new type of cardio machine that would focus on an upper body workout. 4D Products were commissioned to design and engineer the product.

A.C.E. had very specific requirements for the motion of the machines handles. Our design team created a range of mechanism design approaches for consideration.

001-Computer Aided Design - ATrainer
001-Prototyping - ATrainer
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Concept Design

4D Products’ brief was to produce a proof of concept prototype using an existing recumbent bike as a mechanical starting point.

As the first prototype would be built using the electronics from an existing cardio machine, our CAD designers engineered a system that would allow us to test the ergonomics and performance.

Prototype & Test

We sourced all the bespoke components from our supply chain and assembled the first prototype for test. With the performance approved, we moved onto the next stage of the project, to build a full system from the ground up, including the electronic system and all aesthetic parts to make the machine ‘market ready’.

Product Styling

Our product design team proposed a range of styling options and presented them to the client.

002-Prototyping - Atrainer
002-Computer Aided Design - ATrainer
Studio Lit_004
Studio Lit_003
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Design Refinement

Our designers refined and optimised the design, working towards the second prototype. Our electronic design partner provided a turnkey solution, which included system, PCB, and software design.

“4D have provided exceptional design support for the last 18 months. They have turned our initial idea into a highly effective piece of cardio equipment.”

Mr B Howett – Founder – Advanced Cardio Equipment

The Results

A.C.E. have had the machine on test at a commercial gym for several months. User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly from professional boxers, who benefit from increased cardio fitness and upper body strength. Licensing discussions with gym equipment manufacturers are underway.

An animation of the handle motion.
An animation of the handle motion.
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