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Product Design Manchester

At 4D Products, our experienced team of product designers provide a full range of services to turn your product ideas into reality. Our in-house knowledge and cutting-edge technology allows us to create products and experiences that perfectly meet commercial standards and enhance your existing brand.


We understand the importance of creating products that not only look great, but also perform optimally. This agency is devoted to helping you achieve your product ambitions, from the very first sketch to the first units coming off the production line. With our assistance, you can take your product vision and bring it to life.

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Championing Sustainable Design and Products

4D Products’ love to help companies explore the boundaries of sustainable design! We challenge them to create products with an eye towards making them last longer and using eco-friendly materials. Our design team bring a user-focused, environmentally conscious approach to every project so that your products are not just user-friendly, but good for the planet too. Let us help you push the boundaries of your concept to make it a more sustainable design.

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From the initial concept to the actual production, we can provide assistance at every step of the way, combining both technical knowhow and creative talent.


Using 3D CAD technology, we can take a more technical product and conceptualise it with ease. Our creative skills can be employed to swiftly come up with potential solutions, which can be communicated to you in the form of concept sketches.


Our team can create 3D CAD models and engineering drawings that are ready to be manufactured. Additionally, we will source and provide you with high quality prototypes from our trusted machine shops.


After the design has passed all necessary tests and is approved, we will collaborate with you to decide on the best way to move forward with the manufacturing process. This could involve us supplying components or fully assembled products, or us giving you the design data if that is your preferred option.

front render of the QGA 2.0

The QGA 2.0 Project – Hiden Analytical

lvl smart shields - header

LVL Smart Shields – Nouveau Lashes

KB Pro Glider banner

The KB Pro Glider – KB Pro

001_Render File_300124_Camera_Camera 4

Retractable Barrier System – Skipper

Vulcan Espresso Machine – Fracino

Fuel Monitoring System Handle Accessory – Fueltek