Applied Photophysics turned to 4D Products to supply enclosure design and development for their novel Protein analysis system. The product was intended to be simple to use, with minimal user interaction with the product itself. The enclosure needed to house a complex electro mechanical optical system, whilst preventing unwanted light ingress, which would have a detrimental impact on the sensitive instrumentation.

Concept Design

The concept design phase focused on developing a visually unique, minimal enclosure which would be suitable for both manual plate placement, and robotic plate interactions. The enclosure design needed to be suitable for a laboratory environment.

The curvature and pattern on the top surface was added to discourage users from placing other objects on top of the instrument, which could cause damage over time.

001 - Sketch 1
APP - Sketch 2
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Detailed 3D Design

With a design direction selected, detailed 3D data was then produced. Due to the high level of mechanical interaction with the internal assembly, a variety of motion studies were performed to validate the design prior to prototyping.


In order to further validate the design, we supplied 3 full sets of CNC machined prototype parts. were produced. As well as proving fit and function, this allowed us to test the product in its production intent materials and finishes.

APP - Photo 1
APP - Photo 2
APP - Photo 3
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Final Product

Despite the prototyping stage falling right at the start of the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK, we were able to continue development and move forward from prototyping to production sample parts in a few short months. The product is now in manufacture with, the main housing being made using the RIM Casting process in the UK.

Medical Device Design – Protein Stable

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