It’s true that product designers and UX designers are both important to the process of designing a product, but they are not doing the same job. We’ve shared the differences between these two roles as well as explained the similarities so that you know what to look for in a design service.

What is a Product Designer?

A product designer is someone that is responsible for developing and creating new products that can be used by companies and consumers to fill a specific need. Product designers are often tasked with an entire project and required to come up with a fully designed solution, using skills of a range of other professionals to support the design journey and ensure that the finished article offers the required capabilities.

In addition, product designers tend to focus more on business needs than other types of designers, helping to ensure that a finished product not only serves a consumer but that it is viable for a business to produce.

What is a UX Designer?

A UX designer is responsible for ensuring that users are able to enjoy using products with ease so that their needs can be met. UX designers are focused on things such as intuitiveness and how simple products are and work to help streamline ideas and designs to fit with the users demands.

UX designers are often very knowledgable when it comes to user testing and engaging with users to get clear feedback that is actionable.

What are the Similarities & Differences?

To get a clear idea of some of the main similarities and differences between these roles, take a look at the following breakdowns:


  • Both require a collaborative focus
  • Both follow specific design processes
  • Both look for new concepts and ideas to make a design work
  • Both require support from testers and potential users
  • Both work for stakeholders and try to achieve results that suit all needs


  • Product designers tend to have leaderships skills and project management experience
  • UX designers focus more on the user experience alone
  • Product designers look at the product as a whole
  • UX designers and product designers tend to use different design software
  • Product designers often have greater levels of responsibility
  • UX designers are mainly concerned with how intuitive and pleasant something is to use whereas product designers also factor in business needs and processes.

Which Type of Designer Do You Need?

If you are keen to get a new product design off the ground and need a designer that can focus on the end result as well as ensuring all business needs are met then a product designer will probably be able to meet your needs.

Don’t forget, a product design service will also use a range of other experts to help achieve the best outcomes for your needs and this will often include UX design input too.

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