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After the success of their EU Dimmer product, LightwaveRF wanted to take their market leading smart UK socket technology and bring it to the European market.

4D were commissioned to work alongside the clients in house electronics team, bringing our custom enclosure design skills to the EU Smart Socket project.

Concept Design

Knowing the technology (& therefore the electronic components) required, we knew it would be challenging to fit everything within the space envelope available.

A standard UK back box is a cube, whilst a standard EU back box is a much smaller cylinder.

We presented a range of designs to the client for consideration, before selecting a preferred approach to take forward to detailed design in 3D CAD.


In order to gauge whether our design would operate under certain parameters, we used computer simulation, which helps optimise the design prior to going to prototype.

There are European standards to conform to regarding dimensions, safety, and strength. This project involved designing for the German and French markets, so our design had to conform to each standard with minimal alteration.


The product is now in manufacture and on sale around Europe and can be purchased via Lightwave RF, Apple Stores & other online retailers.

Electronic Product Design – Lightwave

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