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4D Products were briefed to design two electronic housings capable of meeting IP65 requirements, while also being able to be opened by a user without using screws.

Concept Design

Initial concept ideation focused on methods to allow the user to gain access to the unit as simply as possible while keeping any latch features as subtle as possible. Early sketches were hand-drawn before more refined designs were produced using vector based software and CAD. 

Detailed Design & FEA Analysis

Once the preferred concept had been chosen, 3D models were created to allow fine details to be refined ready for the parts to be prototyped.

Due to the complexity of the snap-fitting opening mechanism, FEA software was used to simulate how the parts flexed when pressed. This enables us to quickly refine the mechanism to acheive the desired functionality. 

Prototyping and Testing

Initially prototypes were 3D printed to allow a number of design iterations to be compared and tested. As the design was refined further, CNC machined prototypes were produced in production intended materials. These prototypes allowed us to test how the snap-fit features would feel in the final product. These machined prototypes also enabled us to conduct IP testing to verify the waterproof feature of the product.

Final Product

4D Products assisted with this project through manufacture, providing engineering drawings and assistance during the tool making process. The final products are due to launch in 2020.

Waterproof Enclosure Design – Sontay Housing

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