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Following on from our involvement developing an enclosure for Arm’s smart camera, 4D were tasked with developing a new product – The Smart Gateway. The brief for this project was to design a modular device which could be stacked together in a tower of up to 5 units. A continuity of design language between this product and the Smart Camera 4D designed previously was desirable, while a particular focus was placed on the thermal performance of the units when both stacked, and used independently.


Concept Design

Due to the tight schedule of the project, it was important to quickly decide upon a design direction. Using quick hand sketches allowed the team to present a wide range of early ideas to the team at Arm who then selected their favourite features which were developed in 3D CAD.


After detailing the design in 3D CAD, the parts went through an iterative prototyping process initially using our internal 3D printer for rapid testing, and overall form consideration. Higher resolution SLS 3D prints were then produced to test some of the more detailed features.


Final Product

5 presentation quality prototypes were produced which were used during a display conference.


Electronic Enclosure Design – Arm Gateway

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