AMScreen – LCD Screen Enclosure Design

The Background

AMScreen is a media advertising digital signage business owned by Lord Sugar, manufacturing a range of hi-res LCD digital signage products and selling advertising space to companies. They have nationwide coverage and a great network showcasing some remarkable worldwide brands.

Chosen from a shortlist of recommended companies, AMScreen approached 4D Products with a pressing requirement to assist in the creation of their new product, DS24 – a 24” LCD unit. AMScreen had great expectations; however, they did not want to restrict creativity by specifying certain requirements. With this in mind, the brief was fairly open, allowing 4D to really get to work with the design.

Firstly, 4D met with the Project Manager, who was tasked with producing the new product over the summer. Listening to his concerns regarding delivering a quality solution in the time allocated and alongside his other tasks, we stepped in, offering to solve his problem by designing a lean, efficient solution. We were extremely conscious that AMScreen did not want the product to look like a television screen/monitor; they wanted something that looked unique but still met their specific criteria.

The Design Phase

Work ranged from 3D CAD modelling AMScreen’s existing electrical components (allowing 4D to understand the space envelope they had to work with) to understanding various technical challenges. Consequently, it made sense for 4D Products to work onsite with AMScreen, so we could fully understand their requirements and create the best product possible.

Once the internals were agreed, we worked up a range of design styles that were presented to AMScreen as high quality rendered visuals. From this, an initial style direction was chosen, explored further in 3D CAD and test fitted with the internal assembly. A prototype was then made to verify the design, prior to manufacturing.

“[4D Products] worked very well. I cannot envisage anything at this moment in time that could spoil our relationship developing.”

Jonathan Shires – Engineering Director at AMScreen

The Result

Upon completion of the DS24, we immediately moved onto the DS40; a 40” version of the DS24. This was effectively 90% the same as the 24” version, however the engineering challenge was greater due to the larger screen size.

AMScreen were extremely pleased with the result and declared they would definitely work with 4D again; not only did 4D efficiently and elegantly meet AMScreen’s requirements, the company also thoroughly enjoyed working with us as a whole.

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