Anti-Tangle Hair Brush by DMS Innovations

The Background

4D Products were initially contacted by DMS Innovations at an early stage in the project; although research into anti tangle hair brushes had already been carried out, just a single model of a possible shape had been created using plasticine. DMS were looking for a company who could not only create a good design for the product but could also put forward additional ideas for other Scaredoo concepts. After describing 4D’s services and our ideas for transforming the Scaredoo idea into a manufactured product ready for sale, we were commissioned to undertake the work.

The Design Phase

Initially, we looked at the conceptual design of the brush, exploring the form and proposing innovative features that could be included in order to differentiate the product from other items in the same market that were currently available. DMS were also very cautious about their design, wanting to be able to target all age ranges with one design.

The design we put forward featured an innovative, reversible head on the brush, meaning that the purchaser receives an anti-tangle brush and a finishing brush for the same price as other ‘single purpose’ brushes, offering great value for money.

As a huge unique selling point, DMS were delighted with this idea and agreed that it was something that would really make the Scaredoo product stand out against its competitors. Once the design was signed off, the product was engineered for high volume manufacture and various rapid prototypes were supplied to test the size, shape and colour schemes. We also worked with DMS Innovations to develop the point of sale packaging, creating artwork and visualisations of the finished product.

Working with 4D was a pleasant and relaxed experience, and they were always full of good ideas

Mr D Stanton, MD DMS Innovations

The Result

We have identified a suitable manufacturer in China who could deliver a high quality product at the desired volume and price points, the tooling is currently being commissioned for the initial batch of products. Although the product is still in pre-production, a leading health & beauty retailer have expressed great interest based on the visuals alone and are very eager to see the first batch of products.
DMS Innovations were thrilled with 4D’s input into the product and stated we were always ‘pleasant to work with, very relaxed and always full of great ideas’
We are also now in discussion with DMS Innovations to develop another product for the building sector, this is not only testimony to the strength of our relationship, but also the great work we delivered.

Health and Beauty product design is just one of the areas we work in, please take a look at the other case study’s detailing our Product Design work in other sectors.

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