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If you’re interested in health and fitness, you need to seriously consider getting one of these. Imagine being able to exercise virtually anywhere, with your smart phone acting as your personal trainer, giving you reminders and encouragement, accurately tracking your progress and results in real time.

We want app designers to develop new content for bluetooth enabled devices, this fantastic invention could appeal to a wide audience across the globe.

This is a precision engineered product that is instantly adjustable to suit your fitness and strength levels. Electronic sensors accurately measure your work-rate many times a second. Your smartphone or tablet gives you visual feedback in real time and records your progress over time. This is just the start though, we envisage a wide range of new apps being developed for specialist requirements. Just think of the possibility’s of using the Slipstream Machine as an input device linked to a games console.

We aim to launch the product on a crowdfunding platform in 2013. Interested party’s are invited to express their interest by signing up for the slipstream machines e-newsletter, which will keep you informed of launch dates. There will be some fantastic incentives for early adopters, see keep an eye out!

The Technical Bits

The system weighs 800 grams, but can offer 5-50kg of resistance, any one can use it!

Electronic sensors transmit data via bluetooth to your smart phone to accurately capture speed, work rate, and number of repetitions.

Resistance is created by a flywheel spinning within a rare earth magnetic field.

The device can dissipate 400 watts of power. For comparison, a pro cyclist will average around 300 watts.

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