Football Flick Urban – Product Design


The Background

iControl contacted 4D Products to discuss their product design requirements for football related training products. Existing products were very training orientated, had limited aesthetic appeal and offered limited functionality for the user.

Concept Design

We devised a modular, collapsible system that could be transported and stored in a fraction of the space of the existing fixed products on sale by the competition. Another innovation was that we our design allowed for adjustment of the geometry, providing a variety of return angles and enabling the user to develop their ball skills further.

3D CAD Design

Our 3D CAD designers took the preferred design concept and created a detailed model, ready for prototype and test. We supplied and built the initial prototype, which allowed for functional testing and refinement of the ramp geometry.

“We see 4D as a credible partner, we recognise them as one of our major stakeholders and wouldn’t hesitate in using them again. Throughout the whole process they have been completely open and transparent – we are very satisfied with how things developed.”

iControl Managing Director, Stuart Wallace

The Result

iControl have secured lucrative orders from a wide variety of large retail customers, including Argos and Costco. The product range continues to go from strength to strength, with new models recently launched and in development. See the Football Flick URBAN in action.


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