Electronic Enclosure Design

The Background

Remsdaq have a long and proud history of developing and supplying innovative electronic solutions into various industrial sectors. When they needed Electronic Enclosure Design of a new enclosure to house electronics that would control mechanical circuit breakers in electrical sub stations, 4D Product were appointed on the strength of their existing working relationship on products of a similar nature.

The Design Phase

4DP followed their proven approach to product development, presenting a range of innovative ideas for client review and consideration. Through the review process, a preferred design direction was agreed upon, which formed the basis of the technical  / 3D CAD development work. During the course of the concept generation work, it was realised that with some careful design consideration, this product could become a modular system, allowing Remsdaq the ability to deliver a range of products to their customer base without having to re develop a new enclosure for each situation.

To give an industrial, high quality finish, we selected die cast aluminium as the production material for the base unit and expansion module housing.

The modular system consists of a base unit with 4 slots, which can be either blank, populated at base level, or expanded by the use of a plug in module. Light pipe arrays were designed so that LED indicators can be placed at any positions on any variant.

4D supplied a range of CNC machined prototypes in production intent materials during the project, allowing for test and refinement of the system, whilst we moved towards the final production ready design.


  • Smart Distribution Network Automation Schemes
  • Main Board I/O 16DI, 8 DO (Standard) plus 4 DC A/I (option)
  • Mix and match I/O expansion slots
  • 2 Ethernet, 2 serial ports
  • IEC 61850 compliant (option)
  • Multi-protocol support
  • Integrated GPS receiver (option)
  • Comprehensive diagnostic & configuration tools

Callisto nxl delivers a cost effective compact solution for small point count SCADA and automation requirements

The Result

The first product to go to market using this innovative modular system is the Callisto nxl. Callisto nxl delivers a cost effective compact solution for small point count SCADA and automation requirements

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