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What’s New in the Studio?

By 8th February 2021 February 25th, 2021 No Comments

In these times of continued lockdown, many industries and parts of society continue to have a very hard time – high street retailers, hospitality, and young people in education, health care workers have been hard hit. 


From our perspective, working primarily with UK based technology businesses, there is a lot to be positive about. Some of the projects our customer base is moving forward with right now; 


Medtech Product Development

Unsurprisingly given the amount of focus on healthcare and testing, we are currently involved in a range of medical and healthcare projects.

Covid 19 Rapid Testing

We have worked with two UK based businesses to develop the delivery system for innovative, rapid testing equipment. Both consumable tests and desk to readers.

Fighting Malaria

We have partnered up with 2 highly respected UK academic institutions to assist in the development of sensor equipment to detect the correct use of insecticide in the fight against malaria in the Developing World.  

Speeding up laboratory results

We have recently begun work on the second in a range of desktop instruments which provide high throughput protein characterization. Typically used in antibody engineering and formulations.

Patient Monitoring

An innovative device which monitors a hospital patients hydration levels. We are about to build the first proof of concept prototype in February 2021. The project is for a UK start up and received funding from Innovate UK. 

Health & Fitness Product Development

An oral hygiene product for a UK based start up, currently in manufacture and ready for launch in 2021.

An innovative core training system, developed for a UK based inventor. 

A commercial grade cardiovascular exercise machine, recently on test with Anthony Joshua’s at his home gym.

Enclosure Design

We have been working with a certain well known supplier of renewable energy to develop aspects of their smart meter monitoring and control ecosystem. Really looking forward to being able to share more on this in the future. 

In Summary

There does seem to be an appetite to invest in new technology and products that can improve health, wellbeing, and address environmental concerns. That in itself is not news and not very surprising. These are just the sort of projects the UK Government has been funding through Innovate UK for some time. What is interesting to note is that businesses aren’t waiting for an end to the Covid situation before they make the decision to invest and bring their new innovations to market. Hopefully this UK based ambition continues into the future!