What’s in a name? Why 4D Products?

By 11th October 2019 February 20th, 2020 No Comments

Without getting too Shakespearean, what is in a name?

If you were starting a cutting edge consumer electronics brand today, would ‘apple’ seriously be on your list of possible names? That is the interesting thing about names, they become right when everything else is right with the brand.

When we were starting out in 2008, we had the interesting task of choosing a name. As we are a team of product designers and mechanical engineers, creating new products that exist in 3 dimensional space, a normal piece of design in our world is 3D. We always aspired to elevate our design work above the purely 3D.

To a physicist, the fourth dimension is time. For us, it is the intangible, unknowable extra that elevates a 3 dimensional product above the obvious, the mediocre, the ‘yeah, whatever’. Call it creativity, call it passion, call it any number of cliches, but it is something we stand for and aim to deliver in every project.

That’s the extra dimension that creates a 4D Product.