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What is ‘Good Design’?

By 2nd December 2010 February 25th, 2021 No Comments

The phrase ‘designer’ is applied to many things these days, usually as a reason to charge a premium price. In reality every man made object has been ‘designed’ by someone. But what constitutes good design? As product designers, we have many interested parties to consider during a design project. The client, the end user, the manufacturer, the environment, and ourselves, to name a few. At 4D Products we see good design as an end result that strengthens the clients business, excites the end user, is manufacturable at the right costs, is economical in its use of materials, and nurtures a sense of pride in the designer.

Our recent success and recognition in the bionow awards fulfills all these criteria, and we look forward to seeing our clients business grow through their new screening instrument.