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Wavex Workout

By 23rd May 2018 February 25th, 2021 No Comments

4D Products has designed an exciting new portable system for fitness. The WAVEX microgym has support from regional business funding LCR4.0 which is intended to drive the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

In beta-test trials of the equipment, Wavex was put through its own workout. It gave a winning performance.

Personal Trainer and fitness guru Chris Hunt said; “As a personal trainer I have used many different pieces of equipment over the years. The Wavex has really impressed me on how easy it’s is to use and the vast amount of exercises you can do. I really like how with a few quick changes and you can go from performing deadlifts to a military press.”

He added; “I don’t just work in a gym, I also travel to clients’ houses, normally carrying a bag full of equipment dumbbells, resistance bands etc. But with the Wavex, I could easy take it with me and get the client to do a full body workout, doing almost exactly the same workout as I would have done but using one piece of equipment instead of five plus. I would highly recommend this product to anyone but I thinks it’s especially useful to anyone who travels a lot or for someone who has limited space at home. it’s light, easy to carry and doesn’t take up much space.”

Jane Roberts, who was also at the Wavex workout added; “A really well designed micro-multigym. Versatile, portable and a robust bit of kit for a full workout. I could use it in the gym, at home or on the move and it will be able to monitor my progress and set targets with its clever programming.”