With Apple recently launching their new iPhone 11, it is astonishing to see how far the Tech giant has come and most intriguingly, what each launch prioritises for the consumer. Over recent years we have seen Apple move more towards upgrading the iPhone camera quality as well as shrinking their products to increase screen size and remove any ‘unnecessary’ components. However, Apple have been launching products since 1976 and have come a long way in terms of aesthetics, capability and most notably, size. Here we will be taking you through a quick timeline of Apple’s biggest accomplishments and product launches over the last 40+ years.

Apple 1 Computer

1976- Apple I

July 1st, 1976 was when the Apple I was launched, designed and built by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. However, it was Steve Jobs who had the idea to sell the computer and it was there that the Apple empire was born.

Apple 2 Computer

1977- Apple II

The following year, in 1977 the Apple II swiftly replaced its outdated predecessor with a new, more commercial product. The Apple II came with its own case as well as containing a MOS Technology processor running at a mere 1MHz with 4KB of RAM.

Apple Lisa

1983- Apple Lisa

The Apple Lisa was a huge and ground-breaking leap when compared to previous launches. It not only had an integrated screen but a user interface and the first Apple mouse. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the success Apple would hope for as it was priced at $10,000, a sum the average consumer would never be able to justify.

Apple 2c computer

1984- Apple IIc & The Mac

1984 saw the rise of the Apple IIc, the first portable computer which was intended to be carried around but had no battery, this meant that a power socket would need to be nearby for you to use it. This year also saw the beginning of the ‘Mac’ with the first affordable Macintosh being released.

Powerbook 100

The PowerBook 100, 140 and 170 were all released, and it was this line that was the first indication of what the future of what Apple laptops were to look like. This product was manufactured by Sony for Apple where they create a low end, mid-range and high-end laptop.

Apple Newton and Memory Adaptor

1993- Newton Message Pad

This was the year of the ‘pocket computer’ with the launch of the Newton Message Pad, a device which for many would coin the phrase PDA.

1994- Apple QuickTake 100

A device built by Kodak for Apple; the Apple QuickTake 100 was the company’s first and short-lived attempt to enter the digital camera marker.

Apple iMac G3

1998- iMac G3

The iMac G3 was the computer which really put Apple on the map and made it the household name we know today. This was the first Apple computer aimed at the lower end of the market with internet access and had a 56kb modem.

1999- iBook

The year following 1998, Apple released the iBook, again targeting entry level consumers and education markets with the iMac’s portable sister.

2000- Cinema Display

Apple released its ‘Cinema Display’ flat-panel range of computer monitors, signalling a new era of thinner, wider, computer monitors.

Classic iPod

2001- iPod

This was the year Apple saw the launch of its infamous iPod, a product that would change the face of the company forever. With only 5GB of space and a small LCD screen, this small device would soon dominate the market.

iPhone 2G

2007- iPhone

The first-generation iPhone was released with a mere 4GB storage and would launch the company into a new portable internet age of smartphones.

Macbook Air2008- MacBook Air & iPod Touch

Along with releasing the next generation of the iPhone, the iPhone 3G, Apple also released the MacBook Air which would set the precedent across the industry for thinner, lighter laptops. They also released the first-generation iPod Touch which was of a similar design to their iPhone.

2010-2014- iPad & EarPods

Following on from the success of their iPhone launches and the popularity of lighter, more portable laptops, the iPad was born in 2010, combining the best features of both products. In the following years, Apple released a number of new generations of their products such as iPhones, iPads, Macs and iPods. There was also, the 2012 of Apple EarPods, the earphones that would from then on come as part of every following iPhone release.

2015-2017- Apple Watch & AirPods

2015 saw the launch of a new product line of Apple Watches which quickly dominated the smartwatch market. Then in 2016 it is without a doubt that from all the products released that year the most infamous would have to be Apple’s Air Pods; a set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that would become their most popular accessory. Following on in 2017 we then saw the release of the eleventh generation of iPhone with the iPhone X.

2019- iPhone 11

This year has seen the release of the iPhone 11, yet another generation of iPhone in which Apple seeks to further prolong their battery life, increase screen size and improve camera systems, all while maintaining their sleek, contemporary aesthetic that Apple represents.

It will be interesting to see over the next 40 years how the coveted Apple products of today will measure up in the future. But most notably, many will be interested to see if Apple is able to sustain their famed yearly launches of new and innovative products which consistently meet consumer desires and in the words of Steve Jobs, can be a ‘tool for the mind that advances humankind’.