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The value of design?

By 4th February 2011 February 25th, 2021 No Comments

Persuading businesses to invest in product design isn’t always easy. The end product isn’t tangible at the outset of a project, and overall costs are hard to pin down. Some people assume a designer just makes the product pretty after the real development work has been done.

It is enlightening to look at the profitability of a well known business that has put design at the heart of all it does. Apple Computers recently reported profits of $6bn on revenues of $26.74bn for the three month period running up to Christmas 2010.

This may be an extreme example, but anyone in doubt of the value of good product and industrial design cant really argue with these figures.

In short, Apple have a range of products (and services) which are visually appealing, intuitive and engaging to use, they innovate in the way products are manufactured, and they have a loyal following of millions who await the next product release with eager anticipation. They do not compete on price, but offer more in terms of user satisfaction than their competitors.

If you are a business owner and would like to be in this enviable position, then maybe its time to invest a little more in some good design.