Product Design – Pen Tattoo Machine


The Background

We were set a new design brief by an existing client, to design a range of pen style tattoo machines.

These type of machine were quickly becoming the standard for professional artists. Sabre required a pen that matched their current product range aesthetic, and an alternative design that could be offered under a new mid level brand.


Tattoo Machine Design

Pen style machines offer a uniques set of design challenges. Whilst they often look visually simple from the outside, internally they are quite complex. Transferring the circular motion of a high speed DV motor through 90 degrees and into a linear back and forth motion in a very small space.

Of course the end user doesn’t really care about this, they want to know the machine is powerful, reliable, and looks fantastic. A professional grade pen machine will cost several hundred pounds.

So our design team set about developing a range of visual approaches, whilst developing the internal mechanisms required for the correct function.

“Our industry was moving quickly from rotary to ‘Pen’ type tattoo machines. We needed a new product to compete.” 

Sabre Tattoo


The Result

When the styling had been approved, we finalised our 3D CAD design and built functional prototypes for test and evaluation.

Product Design Services Provided;

  • Competitor research
  • Reverse engineering
  • Idea generation
  • Concept design
  • Mechanical design
  • 3D CAD design
  • Prototype design, build, and test

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