Battery Powered Tattoo Machine for Sabre Tattoo

The Background

4D were approached by one of our long term clients to develop a concept for a battery powered tattoo machine. We had previously developed a range of tattoo machines and accessories from initial idea through to manufactured product.

Our client had spotted a gap in the market for a powerful, battery powered, professional grade machine and wanted us to explore it.


Concept Design Project

We initially agreed a detailed design specification, as the end product needed to deliver high power for several hours without needing a recharge. On top of this, weight was a critical consideration, as a tattoo artist would hold this product for hours on end.

With the specification agreed, we began a parallel process of technical research and idea generation. We needed to ascertain how long current ‘best in class’ batteries could power a high power tattoo machine. Fortunately we had spent the last two years developing tattoo machines, so we were able to create a desktop test rig using lithium polymer battery packs and pulse wave modulation speed controller, attached to one of our custom designed 12v 10W Sabre tattoo machines.


“We wanted to free the artist from the constraints of a wired tattoo machine”

Sabre Tattoo

The Result

Whilst the technical research and test rig build were in progress, our design team developed a range of design concepts for the client’s consideration. We explored possible solutions to the issues associated with use of batteries. Primarily, the additional weight, and the need to recharge.

Product Design Services Provided;

  • Competitor research
  • Technical research
  • Idea generation
  • Concept design
  • Test rig design and build

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