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The Background

Our client asked us to quite literally design a better mousetrap! As a pest control experts, Excalibur had been looking for a design company to turn their innovative idea into a manufacture ready product.


Concept Design

We were initially presented with some visuals of a proposed mechanism. Our mechanical design team quickly ascertained that the approach wouldn’t give the product the desired functionality as a mousetrap needs to have a very lightweight trigger mechanism, whilst holding back considerable force from the hammer spring. We set to work developing an alternative approach.


Design Engineering

Our mechanical designers translated the preferred concept into a fully detailed 3D CAD model, ready for prototype and test.

3D CAD-Design-better-mousetrap

“The new design is now patent protected”

Rapid Prototyping

We built and supplied various rapid prototypes to test the new design. Selective Laser Sintering was used for he plastic parts due to its quick turnaround and ruggedness, as the parts are subject to significant stress when the trap is triggered.

The metal parts were prototyped in production intent materials – zinc plated mild steel bar.


The Result

The new design is now patent protected, adding valuable Intellectual Property to our clients business.

A manufacturer was identified in The Far East who specialises in the production of rodent traps.


Mechanical Design – A Better Mousetrap

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