Electrical Test Equipment Design

The Background

Designed for rapid deployment, the HVPD Multi™ Portable Monitor is typically used when OLPD activity has been detected by a portable, diagnostic test unit and there is a need for continuous OLPD monitoring. 4D Products worked alongside the in-house engineering team from concept to manufacture on this innovative system.

The Design Phase

HVPD insist that all of their products are very robust due to the industrial nature of their use. Complex electronic systems and a TFT screen had to be housed in a rugged and aesthetically pleasing manner. Due to the specialist nature of the device, it isn’t manufactured in high volume. We needed a system that had the finish and strength of injection moulded plastic, but without the high tooling cost for such a large item. We identified a Peli Case as being the most suitable solution.

3D CAD Design

All internal components were assembled virtually in SolidWorks, and arranged so the electrical connections and assembly could be performed quickly and robustly. We then designed custom brackets and mounting solutions where needed. With a complete CAD assembly we then produced manufacturing data for all the bespoke components, along with cutting information to modify the Peli case.

3D CAD Design

The Result

The result is a design that visually fits in well with HVPDs product range. The whole package is very rugged and well suited to its nomadic lifestyle, monitoring electrical power networks around the globe.

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