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Product Design, Free Publicity

By 6th March 2013 July 26th, 2021 No Comments

A product we designed has just been featured as the cover story on a highly regarded industry magazine, Develop 3D. For any new product or business the challenge of reaching potential customers in a way they are comfortable to engage with is a constant challenge. No body likes a hard sell, give people something interesting to think about, something informative and engaging, and you can spread your message in a more effective way.


If we hadn’t been allowed design freedom to by our client, SciCorr, the end product may not have been as newsworthy. Would it have got the attention it is now receiving? We like to think investment in good product design is also investment in future marketing opportunity’s. If the design is visually exciting it will help you to engage with your industry and potential customers. Of course the underlying device must deliver, but first impressions do count.

Of course the publicity isn’t free, it is the culmination of significant investment in R&D and Product Design, which we are proud to have been a part of.

An online feature article has also been produced on the Develop 3D website