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Mountain Bike Video Cameras

By 8th February 2012 February 25th, 2021 No Comments

I got out on my Marin mountain bike for the first time this year recently. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, which had brought plenty of other cyclists out.

As a product designer, I like keep an eye on what gadgets and accessories cyclists have with them.

One thing that is becoming more common are helmet mounted video cameras. This isn’t surprising considering peoples interest in posting a record of any and all their activities on Youtube or Facebook. Considering most people now carry smart phones too, I am surprised I cant find any products which connect a camera to the smart phone and make use of its screen for playback, its internal memory for storage, and its internet connectivity for uploading content to social media sites before the ride is even finished.

Anyone out there know of such a device / system?

Of course with our design expertise, we may just build something ourselves to do the job…Watch this space.