Its a tough job

By 2nd July 2013 February 20th, 2020 No Comments

Formula 1 is often held up as the pinnacle of design and engineering. Massive R&D budgets, super quick deadlines, and all done with the Worlds media constantly scrutinising every move you make.

With this in mind I felt it was my job to check things out in person when I was unexpectedly offered VIP tickets as the guest of Redbull Racing at the Silverstone GP.


There was a buzz in the air in the paddock on Saturday prior to qualifying.


Some familiar faces were to be found.


The highlight of the weekend for me was a tour of the Redbull garage as the mechanics were frantically building the cars just prior to qualifying on Saturday. The energy, sights, and sounds were breathtaking.


In the pit lane as the Porsche GT3 class were racing.


The teams pop up structures are genius. Hard to believe they all fold flat for transportation.


Enjoying Redbull’s hospitality in the Stowe Complex.