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Design Lead Company Flourishes in Recession

By 21st April 2010 May 14th, 2021 No Comments

Like them or not Apple certainly knows how to produce desirable products, they also know how to make money from their products. All their products are heavily focussed on the best product design and user experience. If you have ever bought an Apple product you’ll be amazed at how even the most basic of product has real attention to detail.

Apple has just announced a record profit of $3.07b for the last quarter on revenue of $13.5b. So in times of recession and people tightening their belts everywhere you wonder how a top end consumer product manufacture can flourish so well. Simple. They invest in Product Design and are committed to producing the best products and product experiences. Consumers get this.

I’m sure the introduction of the iPad will have a direct effect on next quarters results. I bought one, although the lack of Air transport means I don’t actually have it yet. More on that when it arrives…

If you design or your company manufacture products, what are your views on this? Do you offer no compromise on quality and detail within your product range? Would better Product Design and attention to detail on aesthetics and user interaction benefit your products?

Engaging with the Product Designers at 4D Products can move your products forward, making them more desirable, more cost effective and your business more profitable. If Apple can do it why can’t you?