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Funded Product Design

By 5th May 2010 February 26th, 2021 No Comments

We meet many people involved in the whole spectrum of product development. Whether that is a business owner wanting to develop a new product, or fellow designers trying to earn an honest living from their creative skills.

One common theme always crops up in conversation… that of funding. From innovation vouchers and sustainable funding to FP7 there are many pots of money, large and small out there which are supposed to encourage innovation, stimulate the transfer of knowledge, and encourage collaboration.

Potential clients claim they can’t work without it, designers either love it or hate it, depending on whether they are able to offer it. In some instances it is a postcode lottery, or if you believe the conspiracy it is more important to be friends with people in the right places!

If you are a designer, what are your experiences?

If you are a business owner or design buyer, how do you fund your development program?