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Detecting the advantages of great design

By 8th December 2017 February 19th, 2021 No Comments

The need for surveillance in all aspects of work and life is growing. 4D Products is helping support new products and developments in this sector by working with global experts at Wireless CCTV (WCCTV), which manufactures and supplies portable, rapid deployment video monitoring solutions worldwide.

The company’s products need to be innovative, robust and to be able to withstand some of the most arduous conditions in the world. Cameras are used in places like oil refineries in Saudi Arabia, for event crowd controlin the US and for border controls in remote regions. Equipment need to be adaptable to contain the latest electronic surveillance technology, with great design built in, so WCCTV can stay one step ahead of its competition.

Follow how WCCTV’s design department selected 4D Products and how they worked together to introduce new materials, reduce production cost and stay ahead of the competitors. See the case study here.