The current coronavirus lockdown has thrown up challenges, issues, and opportunities a lot of businesses were never planning for.

As I write this article, we in the UK have been on lockdown 3 weeks, and recently announced it will be extended for a further 3 weeks.

With some experts warning some forms of social distancing will be necessary for over 12 months unless a vaccine has been widely introduced, businesses may be considering what products and services to design for a post coronavirus World.

There is no denying that today’s technology allows us to continue to operate in many ways we wouldn’t have been able to if this pandemic had happened even 15 years ago. It is much easier to socially distance if you can work from home and get food delivered from your supermarket.

Smartphones are providing an ever expanding platform – Google and Apple are combining forces to track infected people using their GPS location. I can shop for food via any number of websites and apps. I can keep in touch with family on FaceTime and Zoom. My son is exercising every day, guided by live PE class on YouTube. I can respond to email, calls, or messages virtually anywhere.

While we are trying to keep some sense of normality, this morning I came across an article on Sky News, which claimed;


Only 9% of Britons want life to return to “normal” after the coronavirus outbreak is over.


Any business owner would be wise to pay attention. Some of the stand out quotes include;


“42% of participants said they value food and other essentials more since the pandemic, with 38% cooking from scratch more.”


“61% of people are spending less money and 51% noticed cleaner air outdoors, while 27% think there is more wildlife.”


“Two-fifths said there is a stronger sense of community in their area since the outbreak began and 39% say they are catching up with friends and family more.”


“This data shows there is a real appetite for change, and for the nation to learn from this crisis.”


“People are trying new things and noticing differences, at home, in their work and in communities.”


“We must use this time to imagine a better future.”


“British people are increasingly aware that the health of people and planet are inseparable and it’s time for radical environmental, social, political and economic change.”


What can you and your business do to build on the ‘new normal’?

Consumers are now more focused on community, caring, connection, their food, and the environment than they were 3 months ago. I for one hope that these positives are lasting legacies from these troubling times.