As specialists in product design, we know first-hand the importance of collaborative design efforts. Working as a collective team with other organisations and individuals brings so many benefits over working in separate silos. Despite this, many inventors and designers are working individually and failing to collaborate during the design process. If you are still unsure about the power that collaborative design can have for a project, read on for some of our top reasons to start working as one team.

Encourages Innovation

When you start working closely with other companies, customers, or team members, you will quickly see that processes and challenges are visited with a different mindset. This can help lead to innovative solutions and amazing results. The more people you have working on an issue, the more chance you have of finding an appropriate solution. “Two heads are better than one” is an age old saying for a very good reason.

Unlocks New Skillsets

Collaborating with people in different organisations or departments will help you tap into a wider skillset than if everyone works individually. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and by working together you can make the most of each individuals skills. This can give your project a brand new perspective and often leads to impressive advances in design. Someone from another team might have technical skills that you lack, or your customers might be able to bring industry knowledge to the table.

Shares The Workload

Product design is no small process and trying to handle every aspect of the development alone can be extremely challenging. When you collaborate with us, you can split this workload out and give everyone the time and energy they need to do their part to the best of their ability. Sharing out workloads can lead to faster developments and more accurate designs.

Collaborative Design At 4D Products

At 4D Products, we often embrace collaborations, either with our clients or other organisations. Over the years, we have worked closely with many industries and individuals in order to create products which are successful, innovative and suitable for the task at hand. Our teams never shy away from collaborating with others, and we love being able to get creative and learn from other companies. A prime example of our dedication to collaborative design is out ongoing work with the Technology Strategy Board.

Innovation In Composites Manufacture

4D Products work with industrial partners to design and develop an advanced composites manufacturing system for the Technology Strategy Board. In answer to a call from the TSB for innovation in the manufacture of composite components for industry, a number of consortia have been awarded funding to design and develop new manufacturing systems.

We are proud to be a part of this collaborative design process, and our teams work very closely with those in the consortia to create and manufacture composite components which are fit for the job.

In one of the innovative collaborations MTT Group provide specialist machine knowledge and manufacturing, Surface Generation are providing their patented re-configurable tooling system, FESTO UK are designing robotics and handling systems, whilst 4D Products deliver the industrial design engineering and 3D CAD management of the 12 metre long modular facility.

This kind of collaboration has been incredibly successful over the years and allowed us to learn from and work alongside many impressive organisations. If you are interested in collaborating with 4D Products, contact us today.