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4D Ideas Time

By 2nd April 2019 July 26th, 2021 No Comments

Many businesses we speak to want to develop New Products.

Sometimes uncertainty about costs, timescales, feasibility, or lack of a strategy make it difficult to get funding for the project.

That is why we have created 4D Ideas Time!


4D Ideas TIme

For just £495, we will welcome delegates from your business to spend half a day with two of our experienced Design Team. If you wish to work with us to develop the ideas further, we will credit 100% of the cost of the Ideas Time session towards the cost of your design project, so this incredibly valuable session could be free of charge!

We could;

  • Generate new ideas & concepts
  • Explore feasibility, costs, and timescales
  • Plan your next project

We will host you at our Studio at The Innovation Centre.

All intellectual property generated during the session will be owned by you, to use in any way you wish.

Get in touch today to arrange your visit.

How does it work?

  • Get in touch to arrange a date.
  • We will send you a non disclosure agreement and initial questionnaire so we can understand exactly what you wish to achieve during your session and be fully prepared prior to your visit.
  • We will deliver your creative IdeasTime session at the agreed time.
  • All intellectual property generated is owned by you.