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The Background

Selective Laser Melting is at the cutting edge of additive manufacturing, utilising high power lasers to create geometrically complex parts from 3D CAD data in materials such as titanium, aluminium, and stainless steel for the high-tech engineering and medical sectors.

When MTT Technologies Group, a world leader in the supply of rapid manufacturing and prototyping machines, wanted to quickly expand their portfolio of new SLM machines, 4D Products were tasked with delivering the 125 version within very tight delivery timescales for an upcoming trade show.

3D CAD Design

Mechanical Design Services

We received the brief to design the 125 machine, which was taking the existing SLM250 as a platform of technology but then stripping out as much cost and complexity as possible. It would still feature the same innovations as the 250 machine, including inert powder handling, safe change filter system and vacuum assisted inert atmosphere, but would be suitable for an office environment and would importantly be able to fit through a normal sized door.

The SLM125 was always going to be a sheet metal box, but we designed it as an enclosed system that was as well laid out and straightforward as possible to use. It’s an industrial machine, but looks like a whole system rather than a collection of machined parts.

Many bespoke parts and assemblies were created to produce the whole machine, which we then translated into fully detailed engineering drawings for production.

3D CAD Design

“We recently engaged with 4D Products to supply design engineering on an 18 month  project to accelerate the development our range of selective laser melting equipment. Working along side our in house development engineers, 4D meshed seamlessly to deliver the project on time and within budget”

Dr C Sutcliffe, R&D Director – MTT Tech. Group

The Result

On time and on budget, the prototype of the SLM125 was ready for the trade show. Although the market has been tough, MTT were pleased with the investment it made in 4D’s design service and noticed an acceleration in interest in both SLM machines and are getting some serious commercial enquiries.

This innovative technology has since been subject to acquisition by Renishaw, a world leader in the design and manufacture of CMM systems, high precision measuring probes, and motion control products.

Renishaw AM125 laser melting machine

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