Mechanical Design – Sentinel Vortex Filters


The Background

A long-term relationship with Sentinel Performance Solutions has seen Mechanical Product Design specialists 4D Products develop several new water filtration products. Some are new and improved versions of existing products, some carving out completely new product sectors.

Concept Design

When developing the range of Vortex Filters, the design team generated a range of conceptual designs to explore different technical solutions to meet the design brief. Marker sketching was used to quickly explore a wide range of ideas, which were reviewed with the client before developing the preferred concept in more detail in 3D CAD.


3D CAD Design

Once the initial 3D CAD model had been developed, several iterations were explored to test the feasibility of the various design approaches. Frequent discussion between the design team and client allowed this process to run efficiently. Rapid prototyping techniques such as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) were used to quickly test new features, and compare designs.

3D CAD-Design

Computer Simulation

Simulation tools such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Moldflow analysis were used to validate the performance of the design.

3D CAD-Design

Vortex Filter Development

The Eliminator Vortex300 filter eliminates all major problems that installers face with most other brand filters, such as leaks and difficult handling. It is independently verified to collect more magnetic debris on continuous pass than any other compact filter on the market and stands just 202mm tall and 70mm wide.

The filter’s formidable performance is thanks to its one-of-a-kind Vortex Core and powerful neodymium magnet assembly, which enable the Eliminator Vortex300 to outperform all competitor compact filters with regard to continuous magnetic collection.

A period of unprecedented innovation for the company which we are meeting with support from 4D Products.

Neil Davies, Marketing Director at Sentinel

The Result

As a result domestic heating systems all over the World can be more reliable and run more efficiently than ever with the new Sentinel Eliminator Vortex300 Filter.

Daniel Cheung, UK Trade Marketing Manager for Sentinel explained; “The Eliminator Vortex filter takes all of the features installers loved about our previous generation filters, and combines them with powerful magnetic filtration and our unique Vortex Core.”

So far the Eliminator Vortex300 Filter has seen record sales and work continues with 4D Products on additional new products.


Images courtesy of Sentinel Performance Solutions


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