Electronic Enclosure Design – Video Monitor

The Background

4D were commissioned to supply electronic enclosure design for a new type of web-connected camera that could transmit encrypted video footage. This unique camera would be used to support a completely new business model that has never been tried before, with truly global potential.

The Design Brief

Our brief was to create a design which enclosed a raspberry pi, camera module, Infra Red LEDs, power circuit, Status LEDs, and a light sensor. The product had to tilt to allow for potential differences in height once positioned.

We began with an idea generation session, sketching our ideas on paper to communicate to the client.

Webcam Security
Electronic Enclosure - Video Monitor
Electronic Enclosure - Video Monitor

The Design Phase

The challenge was to create something that is simple to use and visually attractive and distinctive, whilst packaging complex internal components and mechanisms in a robust manner.

The circular light pipe offered an interesting design challenge, creating a uniform band of light from a cluster of individual LEDs within. Fortunately, the design team at 4D had worked on similar challenges before, so their experience allowed for an appropriate solution to be developed quickly.

“There were a number of challenges that were encountered along the way, not least us having to move the goalposts as the various designs of the internal components changed to suit the developing requirements of the business. 4D were patient and accommodating, adjusting the design as necessary to get to the initial prototype.

During the project 4D went above and beyond what was expected or required.”

Mr A Goldwater, Managing Director

MiaCam Animation
MiaCam Animation
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The Result

When the design was complete, 4D worked with the client to source prototypes. Initially to test the fit of the whole product, then to build a fully working unit from high quality production intent materials.

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