Client: Axeous
Project: Electronic Cigarette
Services: Conceptual Design, 3D CAD Design, Prototype Supply.

The Background

4D Products were approached by a vaping company who wanted to develop a new concept – combining an e-cigarette with a high quality pen, styled in the manner of an upmarket product, such as the Montblanc brand. We were commissioned to develop a concept and working prototypes for market testing.


Concept Development

Our product design team began by looking at ergonomic considerations, whilst considering sizing of the electronic internals necessary for a high performance e-cigarette.


3D CAD Design

With a concept agreed with our client, we developed fully detailed 3D CAD models, ready for prototype and test. Our UK based electronic design partner developed the PCBs and firmware for the e-cigarette and charging case (also designed by 4DP). The two teams worked closely to integrate the new PCBs into the mechhanical design.

3D CAD-Design-e-cigarette

“The quality of the presentation prototypes was stunning. It was impossible to tell they were not full production products.”

Rapid Prototyping

The design team utilised a range of rapid prototyping techniques throughout the project. In the early stages, Selective Laser Sintering produced a quick turnaround and accuracy, without the final material finish and colour. In the later stages we moved to CNC machining of production intent materials (including gold plating) to supply assembled prototypes that looked and worked like fully production e-cigarette and charging cases.


Product Design – e-cigarette

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